Every book I read or choose to read, I do so because a friend recommended it to me or, and this is 99% of the time, I simply am interested in the book due to its synopsis, cover, or theme. I DO NOT believe in reading something simply for the sake of writing a review and I ABHOR anyone who would write false reviews. I take my reviews seriously because I genuinely love reading and writing, and I am very passionate about these hobbies.

From time to time I may receive an advanced copy of an item, such as from Netgalley, to write an HONEST review about it. Anyone is welcome to read through my posts and see that my reviews are not positive simply because an item has been sent to me for review – in fact, if anything, the grading is even truer because I want to ensure anyone choosing to read a book I recommend, or don’t, understands why I say these things.

I mean everything I say, but that does not mean I do not enjoy a lively debate. Comment on my posts and tell me if you agree or do not because I would love nothing more than to discuss awesome characters, great plots, the pitfalls of a book, or who are your favorite authors.

Hope to hear from you, my dear readers, and I’ll catch you on the flip side of the page 😀 .